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Aaron Swartz documentary 'The Internet's Own Boy' now available for pre-order

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The DRM-free film will hit video on demand platforms timed to its theatrical release on June 27th

Since taking his own life in early 2013 while faced with a possible 35 years in prison for hacking charges, Aaron Swartz's prosecution has been the cause célèbre of many digital activists. The Internet's Own Boy, a documentary chronicling Swartz's life and legacy — from his work on RSS, Reddit, and Creative Commons to his prosecution for downloading millions of scholarly files — is being released in an appropriately web-friendly format: a DRM-free download, available now for pre-order. Timed to its theatrical release on June 27th, the film will be available to stream for $6.99 through Vimeo on Demand, iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Comcast, and DirecTV. For the first month of its release, it will be available to purchase through Vimeo on Demand for $9.99, before opening up to other platforms.