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Microsoft accidentally confirms existence of Surface Mini

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When Microsoft unveiled its Surface Pro 3 tablet last month many had expected the company to also reveal a smaller Surface Mini device, but that never happened. Reports suggested that Microsoft cancelled its plans to launch the Surface Mini just days before its event in New York City. Microsoft has never confirmed the existence of such a device, but a new Surface Pro 3 user manual posted online at the company’s site includes a number of references to the smaller tablet.

"You’ll pair your new pen with Surface Mini a little later during setup," suggests one section on the new Surface Pen, while two other parts of the user manual reference the Surface Mini when using OneNote and the rotation lock features of Windows 8. The references follow a similar slip-up in a support article that listed the Surface Pro 3 before its official unveiling. It’s still not clear whether Microsoft is still planning to release its Surface Mini device, with rumors claiming that CEO Satya Nadella and Executive VP Stephen Elop backed away from the project. We’ve reached out to Microsoft to comment on the Surface Mini references, and we’ll update you accordingly.