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Google searches for bands will now bring up your music apps

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Only on Android and in the US for now

Google Search has done an increasingly good job at delivering exactly the information you want, and today, it's even starting to point people directly into apps. When searching for a band or musician on Android, Google will display information about the artist as well as links to immediately jump into apps on your phone and start listening to them. For now, those apps include Spotify, Rdio, YouTube, Google Play, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn. Notably, there's no mention of Apple's recently purchased Beats Music though.

The feature is only available in the United States for now, but Google says that it's working on expanding the feature worldwide and including popular services in other markets too, such as Deezer. It's a simple addition to Google, but it begins to make search a lot smarter and suggests how much more powerful it could become in the future by tapping into other apps. It's also casually magnanimous, as Google easily could have just shot users over to Play Music or YouTube (though that may have led to trouble). That said, it certainly creates a disadvantage for any music app that's not on that list.