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Under the microscope, your drink is a colorful piece of abstract art

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It seems Mother Nature knows a bit about abstract art — you just have to look very closely at your next drink to see it. When viewed under a microscope, crystallized slides of alcoholic beverages lit with polarized light produce fantastical compositions that are bursting with color. Thankfully, research scientist Michael Davidson has collected images of some of this Kaleidoscopic "art," and the variety of images across hard liquors, beers, and wines is simply astounding. Many of the patterns look like they belong back in the ‘80s or ‘90s, though we can't expect nature to keep up with the latest trends. Davidson has been selling prints of the images for years — check his company's website for many more images.

All photomicrographs courtesy Michael W. Davidson and
Florida State University Research Foundation, Inc. Copyright 2014, all rights reserved.

Alcohol under the microscope