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Google's lobbying powerhouse takes on state regulations

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As the company pushes forward on ambitious projects like Fiber and the self-driving car, Google has mounted an equally ambitious lobbying campaign in state capitols to make sure the projects aren't held up by regulation. A new piece in Politico examines the various lobbying campaigns, which range from shepherding new self-driving provisions in Nevada to beating back anti-Glass driving laws in Illinois and Delaware. The company has also mounted campaigns in Kansas, Texas and Utah to clear any regulatory hurdles that might stand in the way of the project. Google spent more than $3.8 million on lobbying at a federal level, but the state-level initiatives often let the company exercise more power with less scrutiny. In the case of locally expanding projects like Fiber, Google's lobbying efforts can be even more important than its technical plans. "There’s something that happens, as a company grows up," the Sunlight Foundation told Politico, "that it cares about politics at all levels."