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Google Glass is now available in the UK

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Google Glass is finally expanding beyond the United States and opening up sales in the UK. The Explorer program is accepting its first-ever international signups starting immediately. Glass is priced at £1,000 (around $1,700 USD), and UK buyers also have the option of purchasing prescription frames. If you're not ready to lay down that much cash right away, Google seems hopeful that a demonstration may sway you; it's planning to publicly showcase Glass in London on June 27th and 28th. The company will be setting up shop between 10AM and 8PM on Stable Street, and you can RSVP now to reserve your chance to sample Glass and chat with the Google employees responsible for creating it.

Google launched its invite-only Explorer campaign last year, and in the months since Glass has proved equal parts promising and controversial. In May, the company finally ditched the invite system and began selling Glass to all comers. With today's first overseas launch, Google is taking another step to widen the reach of Glass and help a new country "share the world through their eyes." But like their US predecessors, these newest Explorers are still just beta testers; a consumer version of Google Glass remains in the works.