The Withings Activité isn't a smartwatch. Not in the notifications-on-your-wrist, Android Wear sense, anyway. But it's not just a watch, either. The $390 device that was announced on Monday and will be available this fall exists somewhere in between: it's one part high-end, Swiss-designed watch, and one part activity tracker, able to monitor your steps and sleep in the process. As Withings CEO Cédric Hutchings tells me, “it’s the first in a new category: a premium, high-end watch that happens to have these cool features.”

It looks mostly like a watch. It's chrome and round, available in black and silver, with an analog face and a classic design. "We tried to really turn the equation upside down," Hutchings says, "and to stop trying to make a piece of technology with a screen, a piece of rubber, something you need to charge every day. We tried to start with a watch." There's more to take from a watch than just its face, too: the Activité lasts a year with a single watch battery, is waterproof up to 5 meters, and comes with a lovely leather band.