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John Oliver attacks Dr. Oz and nutritional supplements with the help of George R.R. Martin

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In his latest segment on Last Week Tonight, John Oliver once again proved he's the longform storyteller to John Stewart and Stephen Colbert's daily news writers. Last night, Oliver took on Dr. Mehmet Oz, who last week had to address a Senate committee about the often ludicrous claims he makes to describe unregulated nutritional supplements on his popular show. His critique eventually grew into an indictment of the supplement lobby, which has for 20 years fought against regulation from the FDA despite products like Ephedra killing people. Oliver says he understands the issue, though; there's only so much an Ivy League-educated physician can tell his captive audience every afternoon, so he necessarily has to (irresponsibly) sell concepts to engage his viewers. The only way to fix this would be to, say, pull the likes of George R.R. Martin and a tap dancing Steve Buscemi onto the show.