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Starz takes 'The Girlfriend Experience' to TV

Starz takes 'The Girlfriend Experience' to TV


There are currently no plans to feature ex-porn star Sasha Grey

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Starz has ordered a 13-episode television series inspired by The Girlfriend Experience, a 2009 drama pivoting around a high-priced escort who provides companionship along with coital favors. Variety writes that the upcoming anthology will consist of half-hour installments, and will be written and directed by Lodge Kerrigan and Amy Seimetz. There are presently no plans to incorporate retired pornographic actress Sasha Grey, who starred in the original movie. The lead role will be cast after more writing has been completed, and shooting is set to begin sometime next March.

Like the movie, the series will chronicle the experiences of a call girl specializing in the eponymous services. "This show is about looking at the nature of transactions and relationships and how we define the boundaries in our relationships," says Fleishman. Variety also writes that The Girlfriend Experience may explore the fact that such work is not exclusively the province of women. Producer Phillip Fleishman will be executive producing along with Steven Soderbergh, who directed the film by the same name.