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Queen Elizabeth mulls laying claim to the Iron Throne

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Set visit almost sparks civil war in Westeros

On a trip to Northern Ireland today, Queen Elizabeth II visited one of the sets used in HBO's Game of Thrones. Although many of the show's landscapes are shot elsewhere, a large portion of the interior scenes are filmed at the Paint Hall studio in Belfast, which houses famous sets like the throne room.

Clearly not content with residing as monarch over the UK and some of the vast Commonwealth, the Queen stood next to the Iron Throne, contemplating taking it as her own. As Regent of the Seven Kingdoms, Elizabeth II would have control of The North, the Iron Islands, the Vale, the Westerlands, the Reach, the Stormlands, and Dorne. But for how long?

Update, June 24th, 10:10AM: As part of her visit, the Queen has also been presented with a mini Iron Throne.