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This site is trying to make Google forget you

This site is trying to make Google forget you

/ will simplify the process requiring Google to remove some search results

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A controversial ruling from a European court recently granted people the so-called "right to be forgotten," forcing Google to remove some search links upon request. If you'd like a medium for sending such a request, will now step in, spiriting away everything about you.

There's no legal jargon to speak of

The site, a European privacy advocacy project, gives requesters a step-by-step procedure for lodging a request with Google, no knowledge on the finer points of law required. Log in, choose your country, perform a search for yourself, select the offending link, decide on which category your request falls under, and ship it all off to Google. While you wait, will track the link's status, informing you when the information has left the physical plane.

Although Google has itself made a form available to request the removal of links, simplifies the process. Rather than formulate your own reason for removal, you simply decide on the approximate category, and the site guides you toward a reason. Is someone lying about you? Select "false rumors" and tweak the provided example — "I am targeted by false rumours presenting me as a member of a cult" — to fit your needs.

In fact, even if the examples are based on the law, as the site claims, there's no legal jargon to speak of. The site is steeped in a simple, almost surreal argot: select a link, and instead of requesting removal, you push a button labeled "forget this." And if the site works, away the information goes.