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Watch Jerry Seinfeld answer your burning technology questions

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Twitter and this whole internet thing have been around for a while now, but it seems like everyone is still trying to figure out the appropriate etiquette when it comes to combining the online social and social relationships in real life. Fortunately, Jerry Seinfeld has some answers. They may not be right, they may not be helpful, but they're certainly among the best pieces of advice you can get. You can watch Seinfeld answer a handful of technology questions (and explain the history of tweeting) for Wired in the video above.

As part of his collaboration with Wired, Seinfeld is also featured on the cover of the magazine wearing Google Glass. Naturally, Seinfeld wearing Glass was an exciting image for some on Twitter to catch sight of — especially the parody account Seinfeld2000. As part of its relentlessly strange reinterpretations of Seinfeld, it's been looping modern tech trends into scenes from the TV show (a recent one has George getting spooked by a drone). Its response to the cover was simple, but said just about everything it needed to: "OH MY GOD." Any other day, Seinfeld2000 might have Photoshopped the very same thing.