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Google touts 1 billion active Android users per month

Google touts 1 billion active Android users per month


Android app installs up by 236 percent year-over-year

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At last year’s Google I/O the company revealed it had activated 900 million Android devices, and this year that number has hit the billion mark. Over a 30-day period, 1 billion people now actively use Android devices. Google’s Android and Chrome chief, Sundar Pichai, revealed the latest Android figures on stage at Google I/O in San Francisco today, including the fact that phones are checked 100 billion times each day.

The selfie phenomenon hasn’t escaped Android users either, with Pichai revealing that 93 million are taken each day with Android devices alongside the delivery of 20 billion text messages per day on Android. Pichai was also keen to highlight Google’s tablet efforts, claiming that Android tablets account for 62 percent of world market share, up from 46 percent last year. Google's tablet market share increases and Android smartphone dominance is also helping boost its Chrome mobile stats, with 300 million active daily users of Chrome on mobile. Pichai's final Android stat shows that Google's Play Store is also continuing its impressive growth with app installs increasing by 236 percent year-over-year.