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Google announces Drive for Work with unlimited storage at $10 a month

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Google's suite of productivity software has been making inroads against competitors like Microsoft Office, and the company is ratcheting up the pressure with Drive for Work. As announced today at Google's I/O conference, the program will offer unlimited storage on Google Drive for just $10 a month per user — and will accept files up to 5TB in size. In addition, Drive for Work will include enhanced administration controls better suited for corporate environments, and a set of APIs that will help administrators keep track of the work employees are doing.

It's just one of several tweaks to Google Drive and its related apps that the company announced today. A new "suggested edits" feature will assist users that need more sophisticated redlining features for collaboration, and thanks to the integration of Quickoffice users can natively edit files from Microsoft Office in the Docs, Sheets, and Slides applications. According to Google, Drive has 190 million users that have been active for 30 days or longer, and 58 percent of Fortune 500 companies now use Google services — and with the addition of Drive for Work we wouldn't be surprised to see those numbers increase in the coming year. It's available globally starting today.