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Monty Python's classic 'Silly Walks' sketch is now an iPhone game

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"The Ministry of Silly Walks" sketch first aired on Monty Python's Flying Circus all the way back in 1970, but now it's been adapted for a new audience: iPhone and Android gamers. For a total of 99 cents, fans of the troupe can take control of John Cleese and guide him through the streets of London while jumping, gliding, and sliding to avoid endless obstacles along his path. The entire time, Cleese's character walks with the same bizarre and hilarious gait seen in the beloved sketch. The classic Python segment features Cleese as an employee of a fictitious British ministry responsible for developing silly walks through government funding.

Besides doing your best to keep Cleese from smashing into random boxes, flying birds, and other hazards, you can also collect coins to spend on new attire (i.e. a Union Jack or '70s chic suit) and power-ups. And that's really it. The Ministry of Silly Walks is mindless fun — assuming you're a Python fan. If not, there are far better endless running platformers available on iOS. Maybe none quite as silly, though. If you're unfamiliar with the game's inspiration, do yourself a favor and watch the classic sketch below. And if you're after more Python content, there's plenty to choose from.