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Apple launches $199 iPod touch with a camera

Apple launches $199 iPod touch with a camera


Pricing drops on 32GB and 64GB models as well

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Apple is making its latest iPod touch available for a lower price than ever today, bringing it down to $199 with the launch of a new 16GB model. Notably, the new low-end option is available in all six colors that the iPod touch is offered in and includes a rear camera — last year, in an attempt to bring down the price, Apple released a 16GB model without a camera and only available in black and white for $229. That camera-less version is no longer available, and its replacement is certainly a lot more appealing of an offering. It's available in the US today and will launch worldwide in the near future.

Price cuts across the board

iPod touch models with additional storage are also seeing a drop in price today. Previously, 32GB and 64GB options were available for $299 and $399, respectively. They'll now be available at $249 for 32GB of storage and $299 for 64GB of storage.

That's a big decrease in price for those larger models, and it'll allow buyers to start doubling their storage at $50 increments. For years now, Apple has priced additional storage in $100 increments — a steep increase that's often outmatched by competing options. One might hope to see price changes like this appear in the iPhone's pricing as well, though that would likely create a much bigger dent in Apple's margins, given that the iPod is now a waning business.