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Widespread outages leave Verizon customers without upgrades and online payments

Widespread outages leave Verizon customers without upgrades and online payments

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Verizon Wireless is suffering widespread downtime across the country. The outages aren't affecting calls or data service, but customers are reporting that the carrier's online systems have been unavailable for well over 24 hours. Complaints about the disruption continue to flood Twitter; subscribers are currently unable to make online bill payments, and the carrier's upgrade / activation system also appears to be inaccessible as a result — at least in some areas. (Trying to purchase an iPhone upgrade through Apple, for instance, returns an error message.)

Calls placed to Verizon Wireless retail stores confirm that the carrier is dealing with major problems at the moment. Customers can't activate new phones or upgrade devices in-store at several locations. A Verizon spokesperson has confirmed to The Verge that the company is aware of and working to resolve the issue, which is affecting customers throughout the northeast, midwest, and some southern states.

When trying to log into My Verizon, the company's online portal, impacted customers are greeted with a message saying "some account actions are temporarily unavailable while we upgrade our systems." One Verge staffer was able to sign in successfully, with normal access to his account, but most saw the error message. Still, if Twitter reports are accurate, this would be an abnormally long period of time to be carrying out scheduled maintenance. We're hoping to hear more on the situation from Verizon soon.

Update 6/28 9:39am EST: Verizon has alerted customers by email that the My Verizon outage is now over, nearly 24 hours after it began. "We apologize for any inconvenience," the email reads.