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Xbox One achievements and game clips coming to next week

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It’s been more than six months since Microsoft launched its Xbox One console, and the company is now planning to refresh its service to bring some much needed features to the web. While has worked for Xbox One owners to sign in and view profiles, it has never been optimized for the new friend features, achievements, game clips, and activity feed. That’s all changing next week with a big feature update that includes some visual tweaks to the site.

The regular Xbox One activity list will be viewable from, alongside a new profile page that lists game clips that have been uploaded or saved. Xbox Live achievements will also be viewable, with options to compare achievements between friends. Visually the site looks very different from the existing, and the refresh will match the appearance of the Xbox One dashboard. Microsoft says this initial feature update "marks the beginning of a number of community requested features on," with more planned over the summer and fall.