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'The Jedi Doth Return' in the final Shakespearean adaptation of 'Star Wars'

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The scene is set for this, the final act.
I shall destroy the rebels, one and all,
And turn young Luke, my son, unto the dark.

—Darth Vader, Act I, Scene I, The Jedi Doth Return

Can't wait for more Star Wars? Author Ian Doescher has been revisiting the original series trilogy the past year by reworking the them all into Shakespearean plays, and the final installment is coming out just days from now, on July 1st. Sure, it's a ridiculous conceit, but as publisher Quirk Books has proven twice before now, it makes for a funny and compelling book trailer to watch actors in costume reading Doescher's interpretation of classic Star Wars lines. The trailer for The Jedi Doth Return has just premiered, and you can watch it above.