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'Rock Simulator 2014' lets you play out perverse fantasies of living as a rock

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You've been sitting on a golf course, or a mountain, or a beach for who knows how long. Ages, that's for sure. But is it decades, centuries, millennia? You have no perception of time beyond the way the wind and the rain and the earth around you has worn you down, slowly working your rough edges into polished curves. You sit, but mostly: you watch. You watch the world change around you. You watch the days pass. You prove that a simple existence can still be a meaningful one, no matter how much things change. Such is the life of a modern rock in Rock Simulator 2014.

The game is currently in development and accepting money on Indiegogo. It's also hoping to be published through Steam Greenlight. "I saw that other simulation games, such as Goat Simulator, can be successful," Rock Sim developer Ryan Schultz tells Polygon, "so I thought that if a goat can be a good game, then a rock can be too!" Is Rock Simulator piggybacking on the parade of other absurd simulators? Sure. But that shouldn't be a reason to ignore what could be a truly eye-opening experience into the quiet life of a rock. Inexplicably, the trailer above is NSFW due to foul language.