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Pebble, Ouya, and Veronica Mars join the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter

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The Reading Rainbow fandom is a force to be reckoned with. With $4.4 million and counting, the Reading Rainbow reboot is now one of the five largest Kickstarters of all time. To celebrate, the project is adding rewards donated by the other four top projects, including the Pebble smartwatch, the Ouya game console, and the Veronica Mars movie. And of course, Seth MacFarlane will still be matching every donation up to $1 million.

For $140, backers can now get one of 500 Reading Rainbow edition Pebble smartwatches. $250 will get a limited edition Ouya (also out of 500), while $750 will get tickets to a Reading Rainbow Live event with Kristen Bell and other actors from Veronica Mars, scheduled for Spring of 2015. "What you're doing here is unprecedented," creator LeVar Burton, thanking the other projects in a statement on the Kickstarter's home page. "We're honored to join you in the top five."