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A 360-degree camera makes a roller coaster ride even more nauseating

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With a few GoPro cameras you can turn a roller coaster ride into a trippy new level straight out of Super Mario Galaxy. The cameras have previously been used to give us a view of everything from bird flights to bike rides, but videographer Ignacio Ferrando chose a roller coaster as his muse for the video "Little Planet." The 360-degree camera makes the ride more nauseating than usual, with tracks that bend and twist in strange ways. This isn't Ferrando's first GoPro experiment — he previously strapped the camera to a Segway for a tour of Spanish city Zaragoza, and used it to simulate a rescue mission in the mountains of Sierra de Guara. "Little Planet" might just be his craziest video yet, though it should be good preparation for racing through the gravity-defying Mario Kart 8.