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Motorola's weird $50 polygon streams music from phones to your stereo

Motorola's weird $50 polygon streams music from phones to your stereo

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Motorola has just revealed what it's calling the Moto Stream, a wireless Bluetooth adapter that hooks up to your stereo and can stream music from up to five devices. "While great for on the go, connecting your smartphone to previously purchased home-speaker and stereo systems can be a mess of cables and wires and new wireless speaker systems can be expensive," the company said in announcing its latest product. Since it's based entirely around Bluetooth, Moto Stream supports devices across Android, iOS, and Windows Phone — and you won't run into any trouble sending audio from apps like Google Play Music and Spotify to your stereo. Motorola says you can expect up to 300 feet of range.

This isn't exactly the sort of thing we were expecting from Motorola, especially since there are countless products on the market that offer similar functionality at a lower price. But apparently Moto thinks it's come up with the best solution yet. The $49.99 Moto Stream supports up to five simultaneous connections from Bluetooth-enabled smartphones and tablets. And there is at least some novelty here: a "heist mode" allows you to jump in with your own track if you're not liking someone else's pick. NFC pairing should also remove some of the fuss that sometimes comes with Bluetooth pairing. If nothing else, the Moto Stream has a funky look thanks to its icosahedron design. You can order one starting right now from Motorola directly, and Moto Stream will be available from Radio Shack stores starting June 6th.