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YouTube returns in Turkey after 67-day government ban

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Turkey's citizens have finally regained access to YouTube today, marking the end of a 67-day block against the video-sharing site ordered by the Turkish government. Last week, the country's constitutional court ruled that the YouTube ban — abruptly imposed in late March — was an unlawful violation of free speech. That echoed an April decision it reached on Turkey's separate (but equally controversial) blocking of Twitter. In both instances, the Turkish government was universally and harshly criticized for taking such drastic measures; Google was among the parties challenging the ban. Savvy users managed to find ways around the censorship, but today's restoration of YouTube access finally marks a proper end to the saga. Lower courts had already called for an end to the ban, but the government defied those orders until hearing from Turkey's top court. Even after the constitutional court's ruling, it took Turkey's government added time to fully lift the YouTube block, but local reports now indicate YouTube is working normally.