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Marvel's 'Doctor Strange' finds its director in horror

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Scott Derrickson
Scott Derrickson
Flickr / Gage Skidmore

According to Variety, supernatural horror director Scott Derrickson has been tapped to direct Marvel's upcoming Doctor Strange film. Even though talks are reportedly still early, the director took to Twitter to confirm the news this afternoon:

Marvel has yet to confirm the news, though Marvel president Kevin Feige has long wanted to bring the character to the big screen.

Derrickson is an fitting director

Derrickson has so far made a name for himself in the horror genre, having directed such films as The Exorcism of Emily Rose and Sinister. Both films — as well as much of Derrickson's oeuvre — dive deep into the occult and demonic phenomena, which is not entirely inappropriate given Marvel's source material. Doctor Stephen Strange is a former neurosurgeon who learns incredible mystical abilities after losing the use of his hands. As Sorcerer Supreme, he defends Earth from cosmic, demonic threats, and in Derrickson's hands, Strange will likely go to very dark places.

The news of Derrickson's hire comes after another Marvel property, Ant-Man, already lost its director in Edgar Wright. So far the company has struggled to find a replacement; over the weekend, Anchorman director Adam McKay was said to be attached to the film, but talks fell through. Doctor Strange doesn't yet have a release date, but fans can expect that soon.