We love TV and we love recaps, but a lot of times it’s not the big-picture plot developments that make a show great. It’s the little things; the details in the dialogue, set design, props, and performance. With Close Up, we’ll be taking a look at the coolest moments and most interesting details in some of our favorite shows. Today we’re looking at the latest episode of AMC’s period drama Halt and Catch Fire: “Adventure.”

After the near-meltdown that Joe caused last week, things are humming at Cardiff Electric. Joe does his best Ricky Roma to entrance a group of potential retailers, the Wall Street Quarterly article has come out, and expanded software and hardware teams are moving forward and in good spirits. To meet the size and weight goals of the Cardiff portable PC project, Gordon realizes a traditional monitor (by 1983 standards) simply won’t cut it: they need to opt for an LCD screen. Unfortunately, those are pretty pricey, but his father-in-law has an in with a Japanese company that makes some of the best screens in the business. A meeting with the Japanese executives goes awry when Gordon has several whiskeys too many, but he’s able to repair the damage in the end — though not without undermining Joe’s ever-inflating ego.

Meanwhile, Joe MacMillan, Sr. has shown up and is trying to meet with his son, but keeps getting blown off. He ends up running into Cameron, and uses some heavy-handed flattery in an attempt to get her on his side — but Cameron smells his tactics a mile away. That’s not to say she leaves the exchange empty-handed, however.

After Cardiff’s new software manager assigns Cameron to work on printer drivers, she is less than thrilled. But Joe’s dad explains the bloodthirsty way his son climbed the corporate ladder back at IBM, and when Cameron heads back to the office she takes a page straight from the MacMillan playbook. She undermines the new software manager, fires half the team, and using a computer game as an effective object lesson installs her own hand-picked group of coders that she’ll lead herself.