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OK Go's long history of viral music videos

OK Go's long history of viral music videos


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You don't need to like OK Go's brand of alternative rock to appreciate their offbeat yet ingenious music videos. Their recent "The Writing's On The Wall" would be a fun watch even without an audio track. But this isn't the Los Angeles-based band's first brush with viral fame. Their initial taste of stardom came after rehearsal footage for "A Million Ways" was published on YouTube. The quirky choreography became an immediate hit, and over 2 million people have watched it since.

Nonetheless, it wasn't until the release of "Here It Goes Again" that OK Go truly became a viral phenomenon. Featuring an intricate dance routine performed on eight treadmills, the music video was eventually named Most Creative Video by YouTube in 2006 and Best Short Form Music Video during the Grammy Awards in 2007. It was even parodied on The Simpsons.

OK Go would eventually prove themselves more than a one-trick wonder, as they continued to generate more fantastical performances. Trained dogs, programming languages, and 125-man marching bands all became a part of their expansive palette. In November 2010, the group used 2,430 pieces of laser-cut toast for a stop-motion animation music video. And before that, they performed alongside a magnificent Rube Goldberg machine.

When not creating innovative music videos, OK Go are outspoken proponents of free speech and digital rights. Lead singer Damian Kulash wrote multiple op-eds for The New York Times expounding on the matter, and even testified in front of the House Judiciary Committee in support of net neutrality. Additionally, the band has also leveraged their enormous popularity to garner proceeds for various causes including animal rescue efforts.

Though OK Go are undeniably spectacular performers, it remains debatable if they can actually dance.