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Animated wristwatch illustrations show the beauty of classic timepieces

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All eyes may be on smartwatches right now, but there's still a lot to love when it comes to traditional wristwatches too. Over at Wrist, designer and developer Matt Johnston has been recreating some of his favorite watches in illustrations for the web. "Watches are the perfect medium for design," Johnston tells Dezeen Watch Store. "They combine typography, color, and movement to create a functional work of art you can wear on your wrist."

Johnston's illustrations are stylish (and stylized) interpretations that make these watches all look incredible. Though you can't interact with their dials and buttons on the website, the watches do display the correct date and time. Johnston plans to add a new watch every other week, some of which will be originals created himself. Other illustrations have come from contributors, bringing the site up to a total of seven entries at the moment.