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A closer look at the LG G3

Meet one of the contenders for best phone of the year

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You've read the review, you've seen a few of the pictures, but now it's time for a full serving of LG G3 eye candy. The new flagship from Korea's second biggest chaebol is one of Android's finest this year. Combining a super high-resolution 5.5-inch screen with a fast and capable camera, the G3 has many of the strengths of its nearest competitors but few of their weaknesses.

Opinions will be split about the G3's new "metallic skin." It's a major upgrade from the G2 and takes on an attractive brushed metal look, but is still made out of plastic. LG claims it's fingerprint-proof and our time with the phone has confirmed that to be the case. While it doesn't feel quite as premium as it looks, the G3 represents LG's best effort at designing a phone to date. The extremely small bezels around the screen, together with an ergonomically curved back, make it feel smaller than it actually is. And the display itself is gorgeous to look at. See more of the G3 below.

LG G3 hands-on gallery