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Another 'Star Wars' standalone film signs its director

Another 'Star Wars' standalone film signs its director

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Just a couple of weeks ago Godzilla director Gareth Edwards signed on to direct the first of what are expected to be several standalone Star Wars films, and today Lucasfilm has announced the director for another new movie. Josh Trank will be directing the film, the subject of which is still being kept under wraps. Like Edwards, Trank has a short list of feature credits but isn't a stranger to big-budget franchises: he previously directed the sci-fi film Chronicle, and is currently working on the new Fantastic Four reboot. Perhaps most enticing for fans, however, he's also the man behind the 2007 low-budget short Stabbing at Leia's 22nd Birthday, where lightsabers and drunk teenagers prove to be a deadly (and hilarious) mix.

The standalone Star Wars movies will take place outside the original six films and the new trilogy J.J. Abrams is in the process of spinning up. Thought to be origin stories, rumors have circulated that everyone from Yoda to Boba Fett could get their own film, although there haven't been any official statements as to who the films will be focusing on just yet. While Edwards' film is targeted for release in 2016, no date has been announced for Trank's movie — though given the release schedule Disney originally laid out when it purchased Lucasfilm, we could be seeing it as soon as 2018.