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Top Shelf is back

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Tech is life. Life is tech. You can't do one without the other. On Top Shelf, our goal is to live with technology, to figure out what that means for us today and what it's going to mean tomorrow. We've seen how technology changes the way we camp, how virtual reality could affect everything from games to movies to sex, and what it's going to mean when every single thing in our houses (including our bodies) is connected to the internet.

This summer, Top Shelf is back and better than ever. We're taking deep looks at the technology we see and don't see, the technology we watch and the technology that watches us. The way we eat and drink, the way we play, the way we work, the way we get around - it's different today than it was yesterday, and it's probably going to change again tomorrow. We'll be here, working through what it all means, and figuring out what's next.

Our next four-episode run starts tomorrow. Don't miss it.