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RoboCop throws a disappointing first pitch

RoboCop throws a disappointing first pitch

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RoboCop may be a lethal, crime-fighting cyborg, but he's not above baseball tradition. He took to the field at Comerica Park on Tuesday night to toss out the ceremonial first pitch of a game that pitted the Tigers against the Toronto Blue Jays. Despite appearing before a hometown crowd, RoboCop drew an altogether tepid response from spectators. Maybe that shouldn't have surprised anyone. This isn't the same half-man, half-machine that will soon be immortalized by way of a statue in Detroit's streets. This isn't the RoboCop that's forever linked to the city.

In all seriousness, whoever was inside the costume probably could've put a bit more effort into the whole thing. Instead, he walked to the mound like your average Joe and threw a pitch that won't break velocity records anytime soon — though he did keep it over the plate. Better than 50 Cent, sure, but still not the blistering four-seamer we'd expect from RoboCop. Even the commentators called out the weak toss. "I don't think he used his real RoboCop powers for that pitch," said one. A motorcycle from the 2014 reboot was also on display at Comerica, all in celebration of RoboCop's arrival on DVD and Blu-ray. As for the original, silver-clad hero that this RoboCop replaced? When it came time to make public appearances, he was more of a pro wrestling guy.