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New Apple ad urges you to shed that 'chicken fat'

New Apple ad urges you to shed that 'chicken fat'


Ad emphasizes iPhone 5s' capabilities as a fitness tracker

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Apple has released a new ad that shows off the iPhone 5s' usefulness as a health tracker by following a group of iPhone users as they work out. The TV ad, titled "Strength," shows its exercising actors using a combination of apps and wearable devices to track their daily steps, barbell reps, and overall fitness. Apple presents these wearables as pieces of everyday tech to be incorporated into normal workouts. Most of the devices shown in the ad — including the Zepp golf sensor and the Adidas miCoach smart ball — are available already from Apple's own store.

Apple, which is reportedly starting to move more of its TV advertising efforts in-house, released "Strength" only a few days after it demonstrated HealthKit, a collection of apps that will come bundled with iOS 8 that allow users to keep track of their fitness data. HealthKit apps can share your personal information between each other, meaning users of the apps and devices in Apple's latest ad will be able to build up a detailed picture of their overall fitness. To provide motivation, the ad is set to Robert Preston's "Chicken Fat," a song that was used to spur American children on during school gym classes in the 1960s.