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McDumpals sells stolen credit cards, not hamburgers and fries

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Golden Arches are typically associated with hamburgers and fries, but for one credit card gang it’s a symbol of crime. "McDumpals" is an underground online store that uses Ronald McDonald as a mascot, and specializes in selling stolen credit card details. Brian Krebs, an investigative reporter who focuses on cybersecurity, has taken an inside look at McDumpals to detail how the site sells batches of credit card details that have been stolen from stores like Target. Most are sold to organized crime gangs, professional thieves, and even high-volume buyers to create counterfeit cards and purchase expensive goods for resale. In his detailed analysis, Krebs explains all the terms associated with this underground world, and why batches of card details are sold with names like "Coca Cola" and "Double Cheese" to help criminals buy houses and retire early.