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This is what it's like to go to killer drone class

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US Air Force Photo/Tech. Sgt. Johnny Saldivar

Before the US military lets drone operators take their vehicles to the sky, they have to go through something that looks a lot like traditional school in order to learn the ins and outs of piloting and attacking from a command center thousands of miles away. Writer Corey Mead sat in on the Air Force's training class for drone pilots, and over at The Atlantic he describes a day in the life of a student learning to search and kill from the skies.

At one point in Mead's visit, an instructor goes over how to attack a car filled with targets to be killed. To disable the car, "I’d go through the engine," one student replies. To actually kill the people inside, "It depends on which person you’re trying to kill,” another student says. "But if it’s all of them, I’d aim for the center mass of the roof." You can read Mead's full look at drone training school at The Atlantic.