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Make creepy, glitchy GIF art with Klear

Make creepy, glitchy GIF art with Klear

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A web application called Klear now allows everyone to build their own hypnotic, glitchy GIFs. Los Angeles-based artist Vince McKelvie tells The Creators Project that the project was inspired by a Tumblr user named oscob, "I was really into his transparent GIFs, but didn’t clear the last frame so they left behind this glitchy trail after every frame." He eventually made the app in collaboration with internet rap sensation Yung Jake and other artists.

Developed with HTML5, the multi-platform app lets users upload their own GIFs or select from pre-existing choices. From there, they can then apply different effects, adjust blending modes, and manipulate transparencies before saving their finished masterpieces. The results are often strange and eye-searing, but they're also frequently riveting in their weirdness. Even if you don't want to make your own GIFs, there is always Klear's blinking, bizarre image-stream to peruse.