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Modern-day Rocketeer takes jetpack ride above Colorado hotel

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Just after sunrise early Thursday, as most Coloradans were sipping their morning coffee, Nick Macomber strapped himself into a jetpack and soared high above a local Four Seasons hotel. The flight wasn't long, lasting only about 20 seconds. But that was probably enough to make Macomber the envy of everyone around him. The Smithsonian Channel had a camera crew on hand to document his brief trip to the skies, and the channel plans to use the footage for an upcoming documentary all about jetpacks. But there's no need to wait if you want to brush up on history; we took an exhaustive look at them over two years ago. Sadly the Rocketeer dream is still pure fantasy for most of us. But seeing jetpacks in action never gets old — even if it's all a publicity stunt for Go Fast, the company that manufactures the one seen here.