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Ikea created an insanely detailed report on your morning rituals

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Your morning may not be all that different from others' mornings across the globe, but there are some small distinctions — and Ikea can tell you exactly what they are. This week, Ikea released a report analyzing the morning habits of people in eight major cities, including New York and Paris, breaking down everything from how early people wake up, to whether they discuss their dreams over breakfast, to how long they shower for. New Yorkers who do shower or bathe in the morning, for instance, do so for an average of 14 minutes, while Parisians do so for just 12 minutes. The report also looks at Berlin, London, Moscow, Mumbai, Shanghai, and Stockholm.

It's Ikea's first global "Life at Home" report (it's previously released reports focused on the US), and it plans to release additional parts to it that focus on other aspects of home life, though it doesn't say what. For now, there's a trove of information to dive into, and Ikea's presenting it in a number of different ways. It's built a website that lets you see unflattering photos of people getting up each morning while reading through basic statistics about each city. It's also build what it calls a "data mixing board," which lets you directly compare cities to see the differences in their mornings and their satisfaction with their mornings. There's also a full written report. Ikea has a number of photos from each city over at the report's website, and you can see several of them below — just don't expect to see the model Ikea home.

All images and data from Ikea's "Life at Home: A World Wakes Up" report.

Ikea 'Life at Home' report press photos


People in Stockholm say they usually spend about 1 hour and 17 minutes between waking up and heading out the door each morning.