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Motorola wants you to consider the Moto X so badly it will let you try one for a 'penny'

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On Monday, consumers will be able to customize a Moto X smartphone and test it out for 14 days. And Motorola says it's charging just a penny for the opportunity. The one-day promotion is easily Motorola's most aggressive attempt yet to stir new momentum for the Moto X. Numerous flash sales (sometimes with throw-ins) over the past year haven't helped much; only a week ago, Motorola announced plans to close down the Texas factory where it currently assembles the Moto X and send those duties overseas.

We've reached out to the company for specifics, but it's safe to assume you'll need to provide a credit or debit card number for the penny promo and have enough funds to cover the full $349 Moto X retail cost in the event you decide it's worth holding onto. Still, the trial means you'll be able to design your own device for any supported carrier through Moto Maker and avoid the financial hit — at least temporarily.  It's a slight improvement over the regular return policy. We're hoping to hear more about the Moto X's successor at some point this summer; the current flagship was released last August. For now, Motorola remains a Google company as its pending sale to Lenovo continues to push forward.