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Google invites Fiber customers to test out new features early

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Google is putting out a call for "a special set of users" interested in testing out the latest Google Fiber features before they're rolled out to all customers. This from the company that's already outpacing its nationwide competition. The preview group even gets its own special name: Fiber Trusted Testers. Google says they'll potentially gain early access to everything from new hardware to fresh software features and any other innovations the company has in the works."Fiber Trusted Testers get the opportunity to be the first to check out all the latest Fiber goodness and let us know what they think and what they’d change," the company says.

Obviously you'll need to be an existing Fiber customer to apply, and an email we've obtained suggests this may be limited to the Kansas City market for now. Google also wants to make sure you're willing to install new hardware in your house and aren't afraid of dealing with some extra bugs in early software. Aside from those portions, the application is your standard fare survey on TV viewing and internet usage habits. If you're lucky enough to be using Fiber, you can fill it out at the source link below. Just don't get your hopes up: Google says not everyone will be accepted into the Fiber Trusted Testers gang.