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Watch Joshua Topolsky make Jimmy Fallon fight a virtual dragon on 'The Tonight Show'

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Our very own Joshua Topolsky made his Tonight Show debut this evening, alongside Jimmy Fallon and the well-coifed, well-muscled Channing Tatum. But rather than show off his Magic Mike moves, Josh brought along some of our favorite future-facing gadgets — namely the Lytro Illum and Sony's Project Morpheus headset. Project Morpheus was probably the highlight of the night, in fact, especially when Jimmy and Channing went up against a virtual-reality dragon. The dragon won, of course.

That wasn't Josh's only contribution, though. In a web-exclusive clip, you can also watch our editor-in-chief give a few ideas for last-minute Father's Day gifts. Don't worry, though. You have a week before you're really in trouble. Take a look.