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Marvel signs 'Yes Man' director Peyton Reed for 'Ant-Man' movie

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Marvel sure hopes it's found the director for its upcoming Ant-Man film. The studio announced today that Peyton Reed (Yes Man) will take the position from Edgar Wright, who left the project last month. The studio is rushing to get the film completed in time for its planned release on July 17th, 2015. Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas are already on board, but plans were thrown in the air after Wright abruptly split from Marvel citing "differences in their vision of the film." Wright's departure came relatively late into planning for the film, and it put Marvel in a tight spot if it intended to keep to its release date. Anchorman director Adam McKay was previously rumored to be the next in line, but he dropped out of the running at the last minute.

Alongside the news that Reed will direct the film, Marvel has announced that McKay will co-write the film. Before he left, Edgar Wright contributed to the script alongside Joe Cornish (Attack the Block). With the choices of Reed and McKay — alongside Paul Rudd — it seems that Marvel will go the comedic route with Ant-Man. Besides Yes Man, Reed is also known for directing The Break Up and Bring it On. McKay wrote Anchorman, Talldega Nights, and Step Brothers, among others.