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Art exhibit tracks bike rides to fight for safer streets

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This art exhibit is many things at the same time. Besides creating unique wall prints, the exhibit serves as a tool to show where bike paths are most needed and it's also assisting in the fight to make one German city more bike friendly. Local design agency Scholz & Volkmer has put together the exhibit based around an automated drawing machine and a free location-tracking app to help address the bike safety problem in Wiesbaden, Germany.

When residents download the app and go for a bike ride, they can choose to have their route recorded by the app. Select single rides are printed on the final art pieces in real-time, but all of them are recorded for keeping track of where most people are riding. That information can then be used as ammunition in the fight to get bike lanes built in the city, which was recently rated by one group as the least bike-friendly city in Germany. We're sure the local government will use more rigorous scientific methods for determining any future bike routes, but this is certainly a wonderfully inventive way of gaining support for making roads safe for bikes.