We love TV and we love recaps, but a lot of times it’s not the big-picture plot developments that make a show great. It’s the little things; the details of the dialogue, set design, props, and performance. For Close Up, we’ll be taking a look at the coolest moments and most interesting details in some of our favorite shows. Today we’re looking at the second episode of Halt and Catch Fire: “FUD.”

While the pilot laid out the set-up for Joe and Gordon’s PC-cloning scheme, the show’s second episode started diving into the ramifications. After our leads smoothly sidestep IBM’s attorneys, things are looking up. Joe is named the senior product manager of Cardiff’s new PC division, Gordon is provided a cushy office to start designing the hardware, and Cameron… well, Cameron is stuck in a dungeon of a “clean room” to write the code that will make the clone PC run — but at least all the pieces are in place.

But things soon start going sideways. Gordon is fascinated by Cameron in a more-than-mildly creepy way, going through her things behind her back and lying to his wife about her. Cameron, meanwhile, can’t work like a caged animal, and when Joe steps in to “help” the pair end up hooking up again (of course, that doesn’t prevent Joe from throwing another rage tantrum when he thinks Cameron isn’t working fast enough). Then IBM strikes back against Cardiff in the best way it can: it steals the company’s customers by undercutting them on price, leaving Cardiff with only enough revenue to keep the lights on for two more months. But after a shocking reveal and some smooth salesmanship, Joe manages to keep the team together — with plenty of fascinating details along the way.