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'Limbo' studio unveils 'Inside,' a creepy and beautiful platformer for Xbox One

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Limbo stunned gamers back in 2010 with its monochrome graphics, haunting world, and devilish puzzles, and now the studio behind it is getting ready to do nearly all of that again with its second game, Inside. The game was unveiled in a trailer at Microsoft's E3 press conference and looks to be quite similar to Limbo: a slow-moving platformer that has players working past traps along their path. Inside appears to be just as visually stunning too. There are a few more colors now and the environment has a third dimension, but it still takes place in a very dark world, with sparing use of light and color, making it look just as eerie as the world of Limbo. Its creator, Playdead, isn't offering other details for now, but it says that the game will debut on the Xbox One during the first half of next year. There's no word on whether — or when — it'll hit other platforms after that.