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Constantine will face demons and possibly Doctor Fate in new series

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Constantine, DC's upcoming series following the hellblazing John Constantine, already looks like a solid entry in the company's growing stable of TV shows. Like the last trailer, the latest spot features star Matt Ryan cracking wise will he faces demons beyond the veil of human perception. However, a new wrinkle comes with this new trailer, in the form of the Helmet of Fate. About midway through the trailer, Constantine holds the ancient helmet, giving viewers just a small hint that Doctor Fate, one of the most powerful wizards in the DC universe, will make an appearance in the show. It may yet be a red herring, but fans have every right to be hopeful. Shows like Arrow and Smallville before it have already called on popular DC heroes to make cameos. What's more, the upcoming Flash series already exists within Arrow's universe. At this rate, a live-action Justice League could very well land on television in a few years.