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EA teases new 'Mass Effect' and 'Mirror's Edge' games at E3

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At its E3 2014 keynote, Electronic Arts teased the next entries in two of its most beloved franchises — Mass Effect and Mirror's Edge. Unfortunately, there's little in the way of details for either game, but the news confirms the long-running rumors suggesting they were in development. The next Mass Effect game is being developed at Bioware Montreal, while original studio Bioware Edmonton works on a brand new property. No release timeframe was revealed for the next sci-fi RPG epic — and we were only able to glimpse very early "conceptual prototype" images — but it will be the first game in the series since 2012's Mass Effect 3, whenever it does launch.

The next Mirror's Edge, meanwhile, is being developed at original studio Dice, the same team behind franchises like Battlefield. Originally released in 2008, the game earned a cult following for its unique first person parkour gameplay, which let you speed through a futuristic city on foot. The sequel looks to do much the same, though, like with Mass Effect, only early concept images were revealed. Likewise, no platform or release date was announced, but you can likely expect to play the next Mirror's Edge on an Xbox One or PlayStation 4. "We're building [lead character] Faith for a new generation," says Dice.