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Apple is reportedly looking for a 'friendlier' head of public relations

Apple is reportedly looking for a 'friendlier' head of public relations

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Apple's been without a public relations chief since the end of May, and is still looking for a replacement. Now the company is said to be looking for a "friendlier, more approachable," person to fill that spot. Citing sources, Recode says Apple has been reviewing two internal candidates from its existing PR staff, but that CEO Tim Cook is also personally looking at outsiders that fit that friendlier description.

New boss, different than the old boss?

The report comes as Apple put on a markedly more ebullient, and open display at its developer conference, which took place last week. The company opened up iOS more than it ever has before, as well as offered Windows users and even Google a small olive branch in compatibility and integration.

Apple's previous PR chief Katie Cotton announced retirement plans at the beginning of May after being at the company for 18 years, a period that saw Apple go from the brink of bankruptcy to record-breaking profits. That role has also been a crucial part to the company's mystery and secrecy, with highly-limited access to executives and product unveilings.