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All the games from Microsoft's E3 press conference

Microsoft's keynote address at E3 2014 started with a bang. Hundreds and thousands of them, actually, as Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare took over the huge screen inside the Galen Center in Los Angeles and transported us directly into the middle of a firefight. But just as we were growing accustomed to the chaos, we were dropped into Forza Horizon 2, the beautiful, regal world of street racing. Then we fought dragons, assassinated dastardly Europeans, enacted evil plans to take over the world, and caught up with our good friend Master Chief. And we did it all in style.

Over the course of 90 minutes, developers from around the world came into one room and showed us the future of the Xbox One. There were new games, old games, borrowed games, and blue games. Some are violent, others are eerily quiet, some are just downright goofy. (But they're mostly violent.) And best of all, they're coming soon - whether you want to play Halo 5 or Sunset Overdrive, you won't have to wait long. Above, check out the best of what Microsoft and its partners played for us on Monday, in one epic three-minute compilation.