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Sony formally announces PlayStation original sci-fi series 'Powers'

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There were reports that it was in the works a few months ago, but Sony has now made it official: the first original television show for the PlayStation is coming, and it is called Powers. An adaptation of the graphic novel written by Brian Michael Bendis, the show combines elements of police procedurals, sci-fi, and fantasy, and follows a pair of detectives investigating people with superhero-like powers. The program will be debuting this December, and every PlayStation Network customer will get the first episode free of charge. PlayStation Plus subscribers will get access to the entire series.

PlayStation expects to make more original television programming announcements in the months ahead, but it also revealed that there are PlayStation-exclusive movies in the works. Though additional details were scarce, one title was named: a Ratchet & Clank film scheduled for release on the console sometime in 2015. While Microsoft had initially pursued a broad media strategy, including announcements about original content, from the moment it announced the Xbox One, Sony has held back in contrast, choosing to focus on gaming alone. That strategy — and a $100 price difference — has allowed the PS4 to take off quicker than the Xbox One, and unsurprisingly this morning Microsoft made an unapologetic games-only pitch during its E3 keynote. Sony's original content announcement is a sign that it feels comfortable enough with its early lead in console adoption and games to open things up a bit, but of course we'll have to see the shows themselves before we know whether they're worth caring about in the first place.